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Who is Kortana?


Sounds familiar to Cortana from Halo ? Yes she is definitely inspired from the Halo character and No she is not a mimic of Microsoft's Cortana on a Windows phone..Kortana is a bot built for Cisco Spark using various platforms. Kortana uses the Flint and Sparky framework for interfacing with web hooks from a Cisco Spark Room. The Flint Code is currently hosted at Cloud9 ( All the back end bot command execution are hosted at Various bot commands use Smartsheet as backend, while some uses for a full RESTful database. Kortana's calling functions utilize api's. Al together every single function of this bot resides in the cloud. In the next few sections you will see how Kortana can be utilized for various day to day activities

How to Access Kortana ?


To Add Kortana to your room, go ahead and simply add to your room. This invites the bots to the room and builds webhooks from the Cisco Spark Room into the bot. This is the first basic step into accessing this bot.

How to find Kortana Help?


Kortana help sometime isnt the most up to date because of me being a lazy coder and have not gotten to updating help for all the things that Kortana can do. Again i did leave some commands on purpose for obvious reasons. Like the Killroom option can only be executed by certain people at this point, as in the wrong hands this command could be dangerous. To simply get a list of command options that Kortana accepts, Please type in any Cisco Spark room, /kortana help

Summary of Commands


Kortana can do various tasks depending on command option typed after /kortana. Here is a comprehensive list of commands that are supported.


  • /kortana archive - Archives the room conversation and emails to all parties in the room a copy of the conversation, indexed, timestamped including text, links, images (links to images). This command is usefull when you need to have a record of all conversations that happened during the course of a Team Project.


  • /kortana startrecord - Have Kortana call into your Spark Room and start recording the conversation on the fly. Kortana will announce herself that she joined and will start recording the call. Recording can last up to 4 hours.


  • /kortana stoprecord - Have Kortana stop the call recording that was initiated by the startrecord process above, Kortana will announce herself that she stopped the recording and disconnects the call. This does not disconnect the Spark Conference call. Individual parties can now disconnect. Shortly you will also receive a link to the call recording which can be accessed easily by clicking on it. Current supported recording format is .wav but can be easily programmed to .mp3


  • /kortana tell <first> <name> <message> - Sends a text message from Cisco Spark room to the end user who is also registered to Kortana's database. To register with the bot if you already have not, please click here 



  • /kortana killroom - **USE WITH CAUTION** This command in the wrong hands can destroy any room that is in use. The purpose of this command is to archive every message in the room followed by destroying all webhooks, participants in the room will be removed and then the room destroyed. There is no coming back.


  • /kortana killroom noarchive - **USE WITH CAUTION** This command in the wrong hands can destroy any room that is in use. The purpose of this command is to skip the archive process and simply kill the room. There is no coming back.


  • /kortana vendor <vendorname> - Provides a list of vendor contacts, ph no, emails. This is a internal command only and external parties will not be able to access this BOT function. 


  • /kortana register <cell> <city> - Registers your 10 digit Cell and Location with Kortana's Database. This is a way for Kortana to know you next time you have Kortana call you, tell a joke, ask who you are etc. You only need to enter this information once. The information is stored on a smartsheet backend securely.


  • /kortana whoami - Tells you who you are, your name, number, city, with an avatar. The Avatar that is posted will be your Spark Avatar. This service requires that you have completes the registration part above atleast once.


  • /kortana whois <firstName> <lastName> - Tells you who the person is with <firstName> and <lastName>. The Spark Avatar of that person is listed along with details such as Phone Number and Location. THis does require that the user completes the registration part above atleast once.


  • /kortana connect <phonenumber> - To Connect with any phone number (currently US and a bunch of other countries are supported - i will udpate a country list). Kortana will connect your phone number with the phone number specified here. How does Kortana know your phone number ? That is possible if you register with Kortana using /kortana register command specified above.


  • /kortana joke - To hear a random joke, Kortana can call you and tell you a joke and then hangup. How does Kortana know your phone number ? That is possible if you register with Kortana using /kortana register command specified above.


  • /kortana finddoc <symptom1> <symptom2> <city> - To find a doctor for your symptoms such as fever, cold, sore throat and if you specify a city, Kortana will go find top 3 doctors she could find near you in a 5-10 mile radius and list their addresses and phone numbers for you.


  • /kortana recipe <recipe keyword1> <recipe keyword2> - To find a recipe link to your favorite dish you want to cook, try typing a few keywords after /kortana recipe. Easy way to find a recipe, than going to and searching for it. If you are already in the Spark Room, why leave the room?

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