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Patient Care Demo using Cisco Spark and Tropo API

Here is a new demo that i have been working on using Cisco Spark API and Tropo APIs to create a Customer Use Case demo that will show off how we can integrate disjointed systems together and never have to leave the Spark room to open another app. In this demo, i have created a Patient Care Appointment Scheduling system that can be used for scheduling patient appointments. This can be something that patients can fill out at a website or the receptionist or front desk at a Doctor's office can fill out. These systems may already exist today at a Doctor's office, so we can leverage that front end and back end database where this information is stored. (Hopefully ODBC compliant database).

Once the appointments are created, an email confirmation is triggered off to the patient, stating the date of the appointment and confirmation status. Most patients make it to their appointments, but sometimes they have schedule conflicts and may or may not check into the Doctors office to reschedule it and/or cancel it. So a lot of Doctor's offices have systems that auto dials the patient and confirms their attendance the day before. What if these systems could all be integrated into one application which is Cisco Spark and the receptionist has access to a Spark Room where she can individually look up today's appointment (or even tomorrows or two days from now), by typing one command into the Spark room. What if she could also initiate reminder calls on an individual basis and make sure that they are coming in the next day or not. What if based on these confirmations we could create a calendar or remove a calendar from a Doctor's schedule ? All these tied together by one app - Cisco Spark..I think its a great story to sell Cisco Spark, Let me know what you think about this short little video demo and what Kortana can do to demonstrate the power of Cisco Spark API and Tropo.

Who Am I?

My name is Sankar Nair and i am a Field Solutions Architect for the Pacific North West branch of CDW. I have over 15 years of deploying Cisco Unified Communcation Products. I achieved my CCIE in 2006 (Best day ever). I hope you find information in this blog helpful and If you like my blog, please let me know your thoughts and comments and share the blog on social media as you please.

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